The sustainable neighborhood

The sustainable neighborhood

Picciotto Arquitectos, SC.
Shanghai, China

MRZ Arquitectos

The sustainable neighborhood

Picciotto Arquitectos, SC. as Architects

Background To transform our cities and make them harmonious and experiential spaces consistent with the natural environment, we need to turn them into sustainable spaces. As an emerging country and in the context of the current crisis, Mexico is far from being able to make radical changes or investments that allow millions to visualize a prosperous future for our cities. A sensible proposal and in line with reality is feasible to implement projects with dimensions that allow us to meet this challenge. The way that we envision is the creation of sustainable cities from the beginning to create, in a first step self-sufficient cells: THE SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBORHOOD . Theoretical framework The base of the city is THE NEIGHBORHOOD, if we recall the concept: The Neighborhood is the street corner, coffee, green space, business, market, cemetery. It's where we grow, where we develop. The neighborhood is the extension of our home, garden group of people in a specific place. The green area will be built to meet and rescue the formal characteristics, aesthetic and experiential Mexican cities at different historical moments. The emphasis will be appropriated in the rescue and current practices "flagship" that the inhabitants of the planet used sustainably. Our Pavilion It will be the space where we will discover how to create sustainable neighborhoods in Mexican cities, capturing the beauty and sustainable practices of past cultures and incorporating the advances in science and technology being made around the globe.

MESSAGE Our sustainable future rescues today, innovations and technological contributions citizens of this and strategies harmonious between man and nature in the past

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