Artan Raça Arkitekt


Artan Raça Arkitekt as Architects

This object was built on the shore of the Adriatic Sea on the ShkëmbiiKavajës beach, in the lot where in the past used to be the Titanic restaurant. Built facing the sea, it is designed to host dwelling apartments and second holiday homes.

The challenges of this construction were two: first, it had to be developed on an alreadyexisting project and second, it had a western sun orientation, which may be quite a problem in the Mediterranean.

The first limitation did not permit us to develop a different volume from the one planned in the first project, which was already built until the first floor. The second challenge was that, besides having to protect the façade from the western sun, we had to ensure that every apartment could “see” the sea.

The response to this challenge came with the creation of a huge perforated screen, which would protect the apartments and at the same time would allow them to have a sea view and have a west orientation. On the other hand, this screen, which would be covered in a copper color mosaic, would make it possible to capture the western light and materialize it in a movement that would follow the sun until it set in the sea.a.r.

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