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The Waterfall

The Waterfall

Koichi Takada Architects
Sydney NSW, Australia | View Map
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A 22 metre engineering and design challenge

Cosentino as Manufacturers

Unique, breathtaking projects, such as this stunning 22 metre urban waterfall made entirely of Dekton, arise when design and technique are embraced. The project is the result of the collaboration between Cosentino and the Australian design team Waterforms International, a company specialising in architecture and engineering of all types of water related facilities.

Inspired by the lush tropical landscapes of Indonesia, the one-of-a-kind waterfall is located on the building’s facade where it’s set amid a lush vertical garden of over 5,000 tropical plants. The installation is designed to give urban dwellers the chance to connect with nature in their daily lives in order to boost wellbeing.

From granite to Dekton

The project was initially going to be made from granite. However, when the designers brought the sketch to reality, technical difficulties surfaced, such as the weight of the material and its high maintenance cost. In addition to these difficulties, the poor aesthetic result of the joints created between the granite pieces led the Waterforms International team to realise that a different material was needed.

“One of the most attractive aspects of Dekton is the size of the slabs. The large format means fewer joints and a more refined aesthetic result”, explains Dirk Slotboom, Managing Director of Waterforms International. “Dekton is lightweight, maintenance-free and water-proof, making it ideal for this project. Furthermore, it has the exact texture we wanted here”.

Limitless designs

Dekton is the chosen material for designers and architects working on projects with different technical difficulties: from urban environments where maintenance is key, to high-traffic buildings where the material must be both resistant and versatile.

“This is not only a beautiful waterfall, it also plays an important role in the sustainable revolution taking place in urban planning in Australia”, explains Kate Deakin-Bell. Classified as a Carbon Neutral product, Dekton is not only manufactured in a sustainable way: its technical features make it perfect for projects that seek energy efficiency but not at the expense of beauty.

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