The well-being first

The well-being first

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The well-being first

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The practicality and the necessity for space for good circulation, were the basis for the design of the interior designer Adriana Scartaris in an apartment of 220m ², in Tatuapé in Sao Paulo.

The work for the new residence included the exchange of all coatings, as well as installation of air conditioning, surround sound, home theater built, new lighting project and plaster ceilings.

To meet a young family of father and mother under 40 years old, a daughter of 17, another 15 and a baby of six months, the professional realized that all choices revolved around the needs of younger family member who asked practicality, space to play and run, without sharp furniture and materials that could facilitate cleaning.

Using tile in the living room and terrace, with only a leather pad in the first place, Scartaris prized for the future freedom with the first baby steps and that everything was very practical in keeping with a better flow in the spaces, and slightly rounded corners all mobile.

The main trend of this project was the use of primary colors with accents of vibrant colors, the blend of natural materials. For the kitchen, details in red glass bringing the color preference of the owner of the house, while the rooms of the daughters were colored with the hues that the more pleased.

The choice of glass doors used in both the kitchen and the bedrooms of girls opens the way for easy change color when you feel the need, without major investment or difficulties.

As for the living room, terrace gourmet and other environments, the application was for warmth so that the residents were always in a "nest", created on behalf of the mixture of natural materials like cotton, leather, coconut chips, objects in wood and fiber .

Basic solutions of automation were able to meet the customer needs, such as surround sound, home theater and lighting integrated in the living room, which favors the warm light and warm, with no points that would cloud the vision. For indoors, the lighting is done with dimmer scenes to study and rest.

To give more emphasis to the project, the use of high-quality coating was due to the Spanish standard crema marfil porcelain, especially the inserts in the lobby, which also has a luxurious wallpaper with big flowers, also used in toilet both custom and application of swarovski stones amber and silver. Altogether 2600 crystals were applied in both places.

Suppliers: Real HT (Automation), AD Móveis (Furniture), Recesa (Floors and Coatings), Oficina D (Curtains, Blinds, Wallpapers and Carpets), Casa Pinezi (Paints Suvinil | Ceramics and metals Deca | Bitcino), Tec Lustres ( lighting), Breton Actual (Furniture).

Adriana Scartaris For over 25 years, interior designer Adriana Scartaris graduated by FAAP, develops projects combined with its contemporary style and the particular universe of each client. Always aligned to their academic knowledge, his works have gained special touches and bold throughout his career, as a complementary therapy techniques that earned him several publications in journals, awards and participation in prestigious shows as the last three editions of Casa Cor Sao Paulo , and in 2010 the Equipotel and Beauty Fair.

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