Tic Tric Trac
baumschlager eberle

Tic Tric Trac

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten as Architects

Tic Tric Trac, an ensemble of three buildings in Zurich’s Binz district, is designed for tenants with innovative ideas of their own. The top-quality shell has been conceived with a view to young creative agencies and dynamic start-ups as well as expanding companies with a floor space requirement of at least 1,000 square metres. The rental area of 27,800 square metres radiates an open and vibrant atmosphere that would delight Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Dewie and Louie, known in German as Tic, Tric and Trac, who have given the complex its name. baumschlager eberle have devised a spatial concept that meets current needs for highly flexible and cost-effective commercial space. The ensemble’s showpiece is a 700 square metre creative mall linking all three buildings at the first floor level.


This multifunctional open area provides an informal meeting point for the tenants and ample space for events. The ground floor will accommodate shops, cafés and restaurants catering for the daily needs of the tenants and local residents. The outstanding external feature of the complex is the two-part, concrete curtain-wall facade which corresponds with the structure of the interior space. The thermal envelope with its extensive window glazing is supplemented by circumferential concrete elements, the projecting nature of which ensures extensive shading and dispenses with the need for any additional protection against the sun. “The continuous static system with load-bearing cores and a column grid of 8.10 metres make the shell very economical inside”, says Marc Fisler, baumschlager eberle’s project manager in Vaduz.


No costly interior work has been carried out. The structural concrete has deliberately been left visible and the building services offer considerable flexibility. Marc Fisler: “The heating has been installed alongside the facade and the many electrical cable ducts buried in the concrete ensure an optimal basic structure. Other technical equipment such as ventilation, cooling and additional sanitary units have been prepared at the core and can be installed by the tenant as required.” The 2.7-metre modular grid relates to the construction and so facilitates the individual finishings and the refinement of the rental space. In urban development terms Tic Tric Trac fits effortlessly into its commercial surroundings. The buildings along Räffelstraße take their cue from the volume of the structures in the neighbourhood. The tallest building has ten storeys, rises up 40 metres and thus makes maximum use of the permitted height for the neighbourhood.

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