Tour & Taxis, Brussels

Tour & Taxis, Brussels

Havenlaan 86, 1000 Brussel, Belgium


Unique appearance of dark Graphite clay paver dominates Tour & Taxis plaza

VANDE MOORTEL as Manufacturers

Or how a natural clay paver can blend in with its surroundings

Tour & Taxis is a unique location with exceptional architecture in the heart of our Belgian capital. Here you will find a wide variety of tenants, exciting showrooms, various businesses, gourmet restaurants, services and an urban project full of promise for the whole district.


The greatest respect was shown to the historical monument during the successful renovation of the Royal Depot, the Warehouses and the Hôtel de la Poste.

In 2015, the pedestrianised plaza in front of the Depot was then restored using clay pavers. Parking facilities are available in the underground car park built in order to preserve the appearance of the plaza.


Bas Smets chose the dark shade of the SeptimA Graphite clay paver. This type of paver provides the perfect contrast with the original building that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

The subtle sheen that is produced when the sun reflects on this natural paving material serves to enhance the contemporary character of the clay pavers.


The strips of blue stone which extend across the surface emphasise the feeling of expanse that you get as you stroll across the plaza. 

But it was not just the aesthetics that were a determining factor which led to the choice of clay pavers. The quality of the product also played a major role. Because of the underground car park underneath the plaza, permeability also had to be taken into account.


One of the advantages with the SeptimA Graphite clay pavers is that they absorb very little water and that any water that is absorbed drains away quickly. 

The plaza is a part of the masterplan which is in execution at the moment. 

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