Townhouse Studio #8 Interior in Moscow

Townhouse Studio #8 Interior in Moscow

Citycenter, Moscow, Russia
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Townhouse Studio#8 Interior in Moscow

KRAUZEarchitects as Architects

Anna and Alexander Krause designed a three-level space in the former industrial garage, in which industrial aesthetics and chalet elements were mixed.

Alexander and Anna Krause love dark, complex colors. Alexander comes to the AD editor in gray-green pants and a jacket, which look great against the background of our orange sofa. Funny coincidence: orange is the favorite color of the mistress of this townhouse.

Krause's customers are modern people, architects were looking for via the Internet. And the interior was also modern. They chose an unusual place for living - a three-story townhouse in a rebuilt industrial garage not far from the Triumph Palace high-rise. Having bought it, they realized the dream of owning an inaccessible for the majority of Muscovites own house almost in the center of the city.

According to Alexander, customers knew what they wanted. For example, they decided in advance to give the entire third floor to the schoolchildren’s sons - soundproofing it qualitatively so that two generations of the family could spend time at their leisure without interfering with each other. The landlord also insisted on the fireplace. “This is a rare case when a fireplace in a house is actually used,” say the authors of the project. - It happens that the owner returns from work after midnight and goes to chop wood to make a fire. ”

According to Alexander, the industrial space was completely redrawn at the reconstruction stage, so besides the four-meter ceilings and massive I-beams on the first floor, there was nothing left of the past life. More precisely, there was still a brick, but so unsightly that the open masonry in the living room had to be redone, so that it is decorative here.

Nevertheless, the owners wanted to emphasize the industrial origin of the building, and the architects did it delicately, without slipping into props, due to laconic forms and natural textured materials. The interior involved several types of stone, different types of wood, metal. The height of the premises made it possible to make textured ceilings on all three floors. “They give comfort. This is more of a chalet than a loft, ”- said the architect. Anna and Alexander Krause try to free customers from unnecessary worries. After one of the proposed layouts was chosen and approved, the owners of the house joined the project as they wished. For example, when it was necessary to decide on the choice of colors, finishes and furniture. And the architects managed to quickly infect the customer with their ideas.

Krause finds it difficult to say exactly how many shades of gray are in the house, but they guarantee that one hundred percent black is only on the metal parts and the front of the dresser in the living room. All the rest is halftones. They used decorative plaster for decoration, micro-cement in the bathrooms, and wallpaper in the bedroom.

In the public area of ​​the house, the main thing is the kitchen. “This is a secular space where all life revolves,” says Alexander. So it was designed. The custom-made furniture is lined with golden-red American walnut, clearly standing out against the background of gray-brown tones. “Walnut satisfied the hostess’s need for orange,” says Alexander. There is also a bar in the kitchen - it was already clear at the design stage that it would become the main center of gravity, so it was highlighted with the help of finishing, sheathed with a granary board.

The nursery is decorated in the same stern style as the adult zone, since the walls here are dark blue, not gray. This is an open space with built-in furniture in the entire height of the walls and mezzanines. Under the slopes of the roof, Krause made a secret house and threw a net over half the rooms, so it turned out to be a huge hammock where the sons of customers frolic with friends.

Although there is plenty of space here, the brothers are still sleeping on a two-level bed - they are bosom friends and do not want to part even at night. However, the architects also thought about the future: the room is designed so that when the guys grow up and want privacy, it can be easily divided into two isolated zones. When asked if the interior in which two children live is not too brutal, Alexander replies: “Yes, they are already quite adults! And delighted. ”

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