Transform our factory wall with complete freedom of design

Transform our factory wall with complete freedom of design

Dott. Mrs. Isabella Terruso
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Transform our factory wall with complete freedom of design

Dott. Mrs. Isabella Terruso as Architects

The place of working is important for well-being the other person. The message most important forthe man when he is working is the light and moveThe idea is represent the light and the his movement in the same wall infact the light is veryimportant for the life and the work.

Here we consider a structure a complex with different levels to read, with texture and layers thatcommunicate with each other, with shadow and human shape we draw a continuity of levels, infactthe same shape is do again. The base of drawing for the different pixels, black and white, is madewith processing software data. The light is generated with this software of drawing, it's mostimportant because the pattern it's really form.

The Pixels, black and white, it's changes position depending of different shape and shadow human.However we have select the layer connection whit draw, human shape and light because we've gotuniform proposal for Euramax, connect architecture, innovation, design and art. The window offactory will be include in drowing. We've thinking it so be it better for Euramax to fully transformyour 200 square meter factory wall front in the Netherlands using your brand new facadetechnology Aludesign.

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