Tree of Life Chapel
José Forte

The object, the chapel, is a handmade wooden box construction inside a huge18th century stone building, the Seminary of St. Tiago, in the center of Braga, Portugal. Into the renovated two levels space that encloses the Chapel comes some daylight that is very controlled and delicately used by the architects. The space around the chapel is quite dark, so the object appears transparent. The natural light is filtered through its walls, made by thin, horizontal, wooden bars, and gives the architectural body a luminous appearance.

The chapel’s interior space, with the curved lines, gives a feeling of care and embrace. It is a place for service for about 4o persons, and for individual pray and contemplation. The organ is of minimal size, but has a full sound. The altar, the Ambon (the desk supporting the Bible), the box for the bread, the ceramic jars for wine and water, all are made in a simple, minimal design, but with a master`s skill in art and handicraft.

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