TRUE Boutique

TRUE Boutique

Denver, CO, USA - Build completed in 2017
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TRUE Boutique

RE.DZINE as Architects

True, a holistic boutique opened in March 2017 in newly renovated Stanley Marketplace in Denver.

The boutique’s focus is on comfortable and simple clothing in neutral colors, unique jewelry, scarves and bags. The shop also carries thoughtfully curated all-natural beauty products, essential oils, books, candles as well as home décor. Store also offers styling, wellness and Life Coaching services.

When creating the initial concept for this store, it was important for me to get to know the client, the end consumer, and the product well, and to truly understand the identity of the store, as well as the values of the owner. Then it was important for me to get the feel of, not only the retail space, but also the feel for the entire marketplace and make sure that my design will fit well in the environment. We chose soft, soothing colors and natural materials.

I was not able to find display furnishing that would fit the concept, so I designed them myself. This included the cash register desk, and product displays throughout the store. Wood is locally harvested, and displays were design by Heidi Mendoza/ re.dzine and built by the owners, Shana Dunn’s husband, David Dunn.

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