Tubli Villas, Bahrain

Tubli Villas, Bahrain

3+ architecture
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Tubli Villas, Bahrain

3+ architecture as Anna Garefalaki

Tubli Villas are located in Manama, Bahrain, in a plot divided into two separate strips of land, in order to accommodate two identical residences. Each one of them consists of two long rectangular volumes, which meet creating extended surfaces and are at times separated by vertical elements, emphasizing their geometry dynamics. The plan begins with more closed-off surfaces and semi-transparent elements, and as moving further along, it opens up to the sea, where large windows allow the sun to penetrate into the interior and permit the inhabitants to relish in the view. The initial intention was to maintain an open plan, so that the resident could gradually be lead form the interior to the exterior space where he could come into direct contact with the yard and the pool, and also the sea and the landscape. The two storey building faces mainly towards the north-south axis, having the main entrance on the north and the view on the south. Elements such as interior atriums, large openings ,but also shading surfaces, contribute to the proper indoor lighting and ventilation. The main living spaces are located on the ground level, adjoining with the yard and the pool, as well as some ancillary areas, while the bedrooms are mainly placed on the first floor level. Contemporary materials along with geometric simplicity contributed to a synthesis which is in constant dialogue between the open and the confined.

Architectural Design - Interior Design by : Anna Garefalaki/ 3+ architecture Structural Engineering : George Sirigonakis 3D Visualization: Kostas Pamfilos / Helix ImageWorks 3D Visualization Assistant Architect (student): Eleni Chatzimichail Text : Anna Garefalaki Location: Manama, Bahrain Total building area: 700m2 Site area: 880m2 Year of study completion: 2016 Project info: under construction

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Anna Garefalaki
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