Tully's Coffee COMCITY Kurosaki

Tully's Coffee COMCITY Kurosaki

Fukuoka, Japan
Project Year
Nacasa&Partners/Satoru Umetsu

Randomly Shuffled

Doyle Collection as Interior Architects

Kurosaki Tully’s Coffee, a chain shop, provides some new challenges to increase the number of shops. Since this shop is directly connected to the local city station, there are various customers. With this situation, we proposed a special suggestion. That was, to create an identity in total and to purposely design separate customers’ seats. As a whole identity, we built unified wood taste (wood grain and color tone) and floor design. Six types of colors are used randomly to make herringbone patternedflooring. Itcoversthewholefloorspaceandgeneratesgoodjoy along with unity. We divided customer’s seat-layout into 5 sections. We changed the whole taste, from chairs to lightings in each space. Of course, we did not just make different designs. All functions are well-prepared and fulfilled in every layout. For example, we designed to create private atmosphere using high-back sofa and canopy for the seats in front of the cashier counter. In this way, customers will care little about their surroundings. These seats have become “places where people want to sit “and have received favorable reputation. Furthermore, we used such color scheme so that tobacco stains will be less visible in smoking room. By using mirrors effectively, we were able to add function to our design; to bring an expanding atmosphere to the private room. Here is the result. This coffee shop will not put on various musicians’ music. Instead, let’s say, it will play randomly shuffled album- music which one musician or one group has made. I would be very grateful if you like this shop in total. But it is also our greatest honor if you come to like some parts of this coffee shop and become a repeater as a customer. And this is what we are expecting!

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