Two-Family House

Two-Family House

Beniamino Servino
Caserta, Italy

Two-Family House

Beniamino Servino as Architects

The project transforms an existing single-family house on the outskirts of Pozzovetere into two apartments.

Structurally the building is supported by a reinforced concrete frame. Perimeter walls consist of a thick cladding composed of tuff ashlars anchored to insulating hollow clay tile blocks for a total thickness of about 45 cm. Block on block assembly is extremely precise, with dry joints and no mortar, alternating blocks laid according to their gratest lenght with blocks rotated ninety degrees in order to penetrate into insulating clay tile behind, tile which functions to give adequate termal insulating capacity to the wall.

The screws anchoring the blocks, required to stabilize them, have become a decorative element on the facades.

The stone blocks measure 10x23x38 cm while those coming from the quarry measured 12x25x40 cm. Cutting the six faces consequently eliminated one centimeter from each face, giving us these final dimensions. End stones have the same size but are laid in the opposite direction and have a depth of 28 cm. The final appearance of the masonry is monochromatic with a very small range of tones that let us clearly read construction lines and laying patterns.

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