Union Banks Branches

Union Banks Branches

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Union Bank Branches

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Part of the Union Bank’s new strategy is the creation of several new branches in the region and the uplift of its brand image. The new state of the art branches reflect a boutique/ modern look and feel reflecting the quality of service the bank offers. Branches are strategically located throughout Jordan and Palestine; in Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Madaba, Ramallah, Nablus and Bethlehem. Union Bank purchased a private residence is located in a prime location in the district of Abdoun in the City of Amman, to be their new branch with the intent of remodeling it. maisam team perceived this outcome and formed specified design criteria to embody this vision into architecture. Consisting of three floors (basement, ground and first) the building the design approach is formulated upon a diverse program that includes lounges, tellers, customer service, branch managers, meeting rooms and other supporting facilities and services, shifting from public to private realms by stairs and elevators. The space is defined by two transparent facades, breaking the boundary visually between the exterior and interior. The architecture is sleek, chic and modern, transcending white masses reflect the banks new image and is softened by the use of local and warm materials. An atrium penetrates the interior allowing a vertical connection and interaction between the ground and the first floor. The visitor ascends the podium directly from street level and upon entering the building a concierge welcomes the customer at the entrance to connect them to the desired services. The key element of the design is the open plan approach, no barriers no doors. All services are distributed around the center with a high degree of openness. The customer lounge is located at the end of this entry path, creating a focal point from the entry, while the tellers, customer service and branch managers revolve freely around the lounge. The basement holds the service areas which include the washrooms, kitchen and safety deposit boxes. The basement opens directly to the back garden that serves as an event area. The first floor is more private and holds the main meeting room for the bank and the premiere banking services. The addition of a roof garden/space is transformative in terms of conventional banking branches and its relationship to society as it stretches the norms of practice. It spans an indoor space with a preparation area and a vast terrace acting as the main event space to be used for receptions, cocktail parties.. etc, which overlooks a park across and a beautiful city horizon. This creative design reflects an ideology held by Union Bank as a key supporter of culture as it sponsors various cultural events, whether financially or simply as a venue. This events area was essential for the pilot branch to establish the vision of the bank as more than just a bank.

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