UpperEast Karlsruhe

UpperEast Karlsruhe

Stuttgarter Str., Karlsruhe, Germany - Build completed in 2012

Flexible building materials for individual living

Knauf Aquapanel GmbH & Co. KG as Manufacturers

The residential project Upper East in Karlsruhe, Germany, offers virtually an unlimited choice of modern and convenient living arrangements. With 145 different units ranging from free-standing villas and city homes to lofts accessible via car elevators, the development is attractive to residents of all ages. Thanks to two innovations in particular, an energy-efficient ventilation system using heat-exchange technology and modern vehicle elevators, Upper East was recognized by Federal Ministry of Family Affairs for its use of assistive technology for self-determined living.

For maximum freedom to fulfill customer requests in the innovative residential complex, the architecture office archis Architekten + Ingenieure chose AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor. It had the advantage of allowing quick and flexible alterations according to future residents’ wishes, even in the later stages of construction. The lightweight drylining material is exceptionally easy to work with and resistant to water, mold and mildew. Therefore it was used as a tile backer board in all bathroom and shower applications. For customers that decided to have a bathroom with an integrated sauna area AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor was used for the wall applications to withstand highest temperature differences and still supporting a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

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