V-528  Multifunctional Activity Center

V-528 Multifunctional Activity Center

Fabrik G
Berlin, Germany
Project Year

V-528 Multifunctional Activity Center

Fabrik G as Architects

The project is located on the Hvar Island, Croatia by the Adriatic Sea. The concept was born to create a Multi Activity Centre inside the ruins of an old chapel and castle.

The aim was to unified pragmatically different types of activities like: Theatre, Concerts, Yoga, Bar, Restaurant and at least a new way of sound healing in the old chapel. The client’s concept stands for the frequency of Love – 528 Hertz – and there for the planet Venus, that use to represent the goodness of love.

So we took the basic idea and implement new roof structure that organizes the program together with flexibility but creating different roofed areas. At the same time all the open space is visually connected in a new way and in the other hand brings independence also with different platforms without losing the visual communication. The Domes came naturally as an answer with it forms, collect the energy and trough the opening in the roof it connects this with the sky. (Venus client’s concept) The forms are also created out of the different needs of the concept, like the Theatre Dome that is shaped by visual and functional patterns. Or the dance floor which is also were yoga, “capoeira” and other classes take place. Unifying 3 domes in one.

The structure is made out of two layers of steel-tubes that are connected with each other as a spider web does. A perforated metallic plate is attached over the steel-tube construction and is covered with Epoxy layer that are colored in a similar kind of red as the old surrounding houses tiles. All the excising walls have to remain untouched so to try not to compete with the existing heavy stone walls we restore some new walls to close the old castle structure using gabions as walls with the same stone just in a contemporary reinterpretation on the same material.

The NEW intervention is respecting the OLD site and makes the old buildings stand out and creating a harmony of old and new in one. This creates a very special place to combine different activities with flexibility and without losing unity.

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