Validebag Konaklari Sales Office

Validebag Konaklari Sales Office

Studio Vertebra
Tophanelioğlu Cad., Altunizade, Üsküdar/Istanbul, Turkey | View Map
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Validebağ Konakları Sales Office

Studio Vertebra as Architects

Having a construction area of 730 m², Validebağ Konakları Sales Office designed by the Istanbul based design office Studio Vertebra -partnered by  Lead   Architect Gencer Yalçın, Master Architect Dilşad Öktem Aslaner, Master Architect Bahar Yücel ,and  Interior Architect Efe Kağan Hızar , and that carried out "multidisciplinary" works both on national and international scale regarding architecture, interior architecture and restoration since its establishment- for Dap Construction's Validebağ Konakları Project in Üsküdar, makes a difference among sales office structures by its vertical form and its design that allows individuals planning to own a home to experience not only the house but also the district they would be residing in.       

Since sales offices are short-lived structures by their very nature, Studio Vertebra aimed that the design of  Validebağ Konakları Sales Office should be remarkable to the highest extent. The office fictionalized a design that makes its presence exclusively felt by its vertically constructed form, and that suggests a feeling of "Look at me, I'm here". Hence it was targeted that the structure would attract its neighborhood during its short-lived presence.

Validebağ Konakları Sales Office allows the user to perceive the construction site and the project neighborhood within the interiors while allowing the individuals thinking of buying a home to observe the district and the location as well. Hence the user will not only be experiencing the house but also the district s/he would be residing in. Whereas the terrace space constructed in Validebağ Konakları Sales Office allows the concerned parties to enjoy views of Validebağ Grove and Historical Adile Sultan Palace.

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