Vanke New City Center Sales Gallery

Vanke New City Center Sales Gallery

Spark Architects
Nanjing, China
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Vanke New City Center Sales Gallery

Spark Architects as Architects

Spark’s recently completed sales gallery opened to prospective buyers in November 2013.

Located adjacent to Nanjing South Railway Station the two storey building showcases thebroad spectrum of residential and commercial space available for lease and purchase atVanke’s SPARK designed ambitious mixed use development.

Conceived as an abstracted reflection of railway track geometry the structure is shaped byfunctional and conceptual considerations that importantly take advantage of the buildingslocation next to the busy railway station.

Folded façade surfaces and lines of light compose a continuum of fluent and dynamic spacethat mirrors the dynamism of the adjacent crossing train tracks. A large LED display facesthe key location vantage points located deliberately to be seen by passing vehicle and railwaytraffic.

The exterior façade formed from two skins of perforated aluminium has a subtle Moirésurface a markedly manufactured finish which is in contradiction to the natural finishes ofthe interior where the folded and perforated surfaces and organic finishes visibly converge.

The sales gallery is testament to Vanke’s constant strive to redefine the levels of quality andexperience afforded to the visitor which is redolent of the characteristics of the new mixeduse city quarter designed by Spark which is currently under construction.

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