Vertical Barcode House

Studio IMAjinasi RUmah as Architects

“Imagination” concept of Budy Kurnia house describes a very personal and unique feeling. This is based on budy kurnia profession as a designer who’s dreaming to have his own house that giving a personal taste but not in extreme way for the surrounding. After an ongoing process of discussions, some ideas emerged for appreciating the world of the owner work into his house. "Barcode" itself is a pattern of repeated lines that became the product code in every pack of a product as a unique idea for designing the facade of his house.

The owner works as a graphic design manager of a famous tobacco company in Surabaya. The owner imagine about a barcode code that exist in each pack of cigarettes which he designs. For that reason, the facade comes from the vertical lines with different thickness and spacing that resemble the barcodes.

For interior, the owner emphasizes family room as a central of the house. Other spaces like the kitchen, master bedroom, garden and swimming are designed surrounding the living room. The owner wants a clear separation between the living room with family room to keep it private. So that family room activity is not visible from the living room. As for the slope of the roof is used as hobby room

The owner also wants a tropical concept. It is applied with a leaning roof shapes. This is related to the location of houses which located in the seaside with a fairly strong wind. the side openings on the roof can catch the wind flow so it will create cool air in the house without using air conditioner help. Besides, with side openings allow the sunlight especially morning sunlight trough into the house, so it is not required the lamp during the day , especially in the family room.

On the front facade used quite varied and contrasting materials. The use of vertical iron can be balanced by the use of natural stone that creates an impression of tropical contemporary rock.

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