Vertical Spa in Rome for Architectum international competition

Vertical Spa in Rome for Architectum international competition

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Vertical Spa in Rome for Architectum international competition

TRANSFORM-architecture as Architects

Urban concept : The new tower will be located above the ruins of the Titus baths. The building stands on a piece of water, indicating its destination and recalling the specific past use of this site. A landscape art treatment reveals to the passing-by visitors the signs of archeological remains on the ground and slightlty under the level of water. The tower is a landmark on the path between the coaches stop and colosseum.

An eroded block of travertine : The four layers/skins/stratums are, from the outside to the inside : travertine, the stone of Rome, opaque frosted glass, translucent printed glass, 25% transparent clear glass with some light mirror serigraphy, 75 % transparent As each layer is eroded the building comes from materiality to virtuality, opaqueness to transparency. The tower is facing the colosseum, like the monument, its layers dissolve one by one until the building disappears in the sky. Fragments of layers, or holes in one specific layer, cause accidents in the skin of the tower, which allow some side views or specific uses (light boxes, benches, bow windows, simple windows, etc.) This vertical transition is also a transition in the journey of the client : from warm to cold from the shade to the light

Superposition : The ground floor is linked with the past, the earth, the soil, the archeological remains, whereas the top of the tower is leading to the future, the immaterial world.

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