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Via Montejo

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Via Montejo

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Via Montejo is a Planned Community that satisfies in the same location the needs of residents and visitors: living, working, buying and entertaining takes place in this mixed-use complex. A Central Park and a Lake create the harmony between the Corporate Park, a Residential Complex and the Via Montejo, which covers The Harbor Mérida Shopping Center, a Residential & Commercial buildings complex, a Hotel and an Institutional Building.

The project has a contemporary style, simple architecture, clean and with very well oriented and illuminated open spaces that keep direct contact with the green expanses. All according to the objective market of the city, where the optimization of the open areas is privileged. It will be a new urban center in the north of Merida that will provide a new lifestyle for both visitors and residents.

The architectural program was based on an analysis of the real estate market that defined quantitatively the uses to be developed and qualitatively the kind of product that needed to be designed. The natural and sustainable amenities will improve the quality of life for visitors and residents. In the residential buildings cross ventilation, generous spaces and good height were considered, as well as different levels that generate shadows in facades, terraces, as well as the use of regional materials in neutral and clear colors.

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