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Viewpoint House

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Viewpoint House

NIKOLAS BRICEÑO arquitecto as Architects

This project, to be developed in a residential neighborhood in the east area of the city of Lima, belongs to a particular client. The challenge: meet all the requirements of the owner in an irregular piece of land on a hill with steep slopes. The location of the land and the view you have from it towards part of the city, would be decisive for the project.

The main goal of the client, an old lady, was to start a new stage in her life, full of novelty and modernism. The project had to fulfill this need and at the same time guarantee the comfort in her everyday life.

The architectural idea was to generate a modern, transparent and minimalist volume with plenty of light, and with certain concepts of the modern architectural movement of the 30´s. To solve the problem of the steep slopes, the main entrance and 75% of the whole project, were situated in a medium point of the land. The entrance bridge, the social area, the main bedroom and the service area are located at this point, while the garage and the storage rooms in a lower level. On top, a second floor has a complete bedroom for guests ready to receive members of the family who live abroad.

The project is composed by two contrasting volumes. One completely transparent for the social area,where glass and metal are predominant with a clean view over the city.A second hermetic volume for the private area, where stone and concrete are predominant. The hermetic volume rests on the rock in a strong way creating a sense of firmness that makes the transparent volume float freely sticking out from the hard rocky surrounding. Considering that all the houses are placed against the hills, and with the idea of profiting from the excellent view, a garden terrace was planned on the roof on top of the social area, completing in this way the second floor that corresponds to the bedroom for guests.

The road that surrounds this piece of land forms part of a private condominium where three houses of the same family stand, which allowed us to work on a projectfully exposed to the environment without threatening the security of the house.

In the same open space of the social area we have an integrated kitchen which responds to the importance the client gives to its use. The vinyl black floor integrates the spaces creating a chromatic continuity in a range of whites, grays and blacks on which the whole project is developed. The red color in the front door and the kitchen counter, as well as the balcony that projects from the stone front, give personality to the house.

The results are a house with personality,that respects the surroundings and the city.A house that could stand on an irregular piece of land and could accomplish the requirements of comfort of the owner.

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