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Located in the beautiful Swiss mountain region, at the foot of the Chavalard in the district of Fully, is a very unusual family villa, which also includes an independent dwelling. The spectacular hilly landscape underlines the unique location. The owner wanted the object to be designed so that the mountains would be shown to their best advantage from all points of view and form a decorative frame.

The low building already arouses interest and curiosity from the outside with its clear, right-angled lines. The outer façade is enveloped in anthracite slates, while the entrance area was clad with aluminium panels. So what is hidden behind the puristic walls with their matter-of-fact design?

Clear lines

The interior forms the true heart of the villa: a dynamically shaped empty space consisting of an extensive patio including a spacious green area. A concealed room-in-room was created here that is meant to be a private retreat for the residents. The flat design and the gigantic landscape in the background make an unobstructed view of the breathtaking mountains possible. In relatively heterogeneous and incoherent surroundings, the house gets its identity entirely from the centre, which is open to the impressive alpine scenery. The inspiration for this individual architecture was derived at the owner's request from a similar object in the south of the USA.

On one level

Despite the introverted design, the house is of an almost monumental size. The entire object shines on one level, since all rooms are distributed around the patio. Whilst the common rooms openly face the interior courtyard, the private rooms, consisting of five bedrooms and three bathrooms, are distributed over the three outer corners of the living space and orient themselves to the outside on account of the large windows. The independent dwelling faces away from the interior courtyard and thus has an extroverted bias.

Patio as the heart

Thanks to the KELLER minimal windows® design sliding systems, a frameless view of both the green area and the captivating alpine scenery is offered. The open common rooms are divided into kitchen, dining room and living room. With the KELLER minimal windows® sliding systems open, the interface to the interior courtyard disappears completely and enables a fully barrier-free transition. The living area is skilfully expanded and merges with the patio to form a gigantic common room.

This special object shines with its individuality and benefits from the outstanding concept of the interior courtyard as the heart of the house.

Maison Grange Mazembroz

Game architectes as Architects

Without seeking to distinguish itself from the other constructions around, the profile is deliberately low, and the materiality is dark. The entire program is distributed on a single level around the courtyard. The covering of the outer skin is in anthracite slates, and the openings contained in an eloxed aluminum frame.

The circulation expands punctually to accommodate living spaces - dining room, kitchen, living room, all resolutely turned towards the courtyard. The system is split on the outside, from the entrance canopy nested in the volume to the covered terrace. This double circulation and the many transverse relationships make this space alive, dynamic and not exclusively meditative.

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