Villa Ketels (Residence KDP)

Villa Ketels (Residence KDP)

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects
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Villa Ketels (Residence KDP)

Govaert & Vanhoutte architects as Architects

The villa is situated not far from the Belgian Coast near the French border, in an area plenty of dunes and trees. The site itself embodies a big natural dune that ascends towards the main street. A secondary road descends on the left side of the terrain, up till the entrance of the house. The site is entered on the left upper side of the dune, along a closed concrete façade. The level of the house is the same as the entry point. By consequence this implies that the rest of the house floats above the natural dune, towards the lower part of the terrain. All rooms are on the same level.

The house is entered underneath a concrete canopy through the wooden front door. The front door & garage gate are perceived as an abstract wooden plane on the right side of the back façade. The remaining part of the back façade, made out of glass, allows maximum view and light for 2 bedrooms towards the back yard.

By the elevation towards the front, the living rooms, kitchen and master bedroom overlook the trees opposite to the main road. A hedge, made out of local natural vegetation allow privacy. To enjoy the scenery outside, a terrace, partly covered by a secondary canopy, is cutout within the glass volume. All rooms at the front are centered around the terrace. They are all interconnected.

Structurally the elevated volume is balanced on a cellar. This underground counterweight bears the volume entirely, which allows the volume to float above ground.

Havingthe horizontalconcrete volumerise above the natural dune, the house becomes a light and puresculpture, serene and in balance with its environment.

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