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Villa Omnia

Villa Omnia

Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain | View Map
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Villa Omnia

Cosentino as Manufacturers

Designed by the prizewinning architect Jano Blanco, Villa Omnia is a handsome, modern and elegant luxury villa 550 m2 in size, located on a parcel of land 20,000 m2 at the very heart of the mountains of Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain). It communicates a feeling of timeless natural beauty, and every detail is taken care of to offer perfect balance and the ideal place to take aseat, rest and relax.

The latest technology melts with next-generation materials for construction, architecture and design like the ultracompact surface Dekton® and the quartz surface Silestone®. Both materials give form to indoor and outdoor floors, stairs, pool, kitchen worktop, bathroom sinks and surfaces, wall cladding and shower trays.

Villa Omnia has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, spacious common areas and corridors, parking, a patio, chillout zone and an outdoor pool 20 metres long. The large glass windows let natural light in and afford impressive views of the ocean and mountains. The indoor and outdoor colour palette ranges from light greys and whites to periodic brown tones, providing an air of sophistication, warmth and an overall feeling of spaciousness. The straight lines and large formats become one with the minimalism and the art.

Villa Omnia stands out aesthetically for its sublime elegance and exquisite taste in design and architecture.

Dekton® by Cosentino

Indoor and outdoor floors

Nearly 700 m2 of the ultracompact surface Dekton® make up part of the interior and exterior flooring of this spectacular villa.

The use of 8-mm-thick Dekton® for this application stands out. This means that the flooring can boast excellent technical and aesthetic properties in a format that is thin, light and easy to handle during installation.

Dekton® is the perfect material for ensuring that the design flows from the inside out - or vice versa - to achieving the desired harmony and continuity. Cosentino’s surface is able to remain unmarked and perfect regardless of where it is placed. It adapts to the climate of its surroundings, including temperature changes, and is highly resistant to UV rays.

The use of no-slip grip technology also gives Dekton® a higher safety index in order to prevent possible accidents in the pool area.

The subtle grey colour palette of Dekton® Strato provides that feeling of spaciousness that was the goal from the outset, and contrasts elegantly with the white colour that wraps the villa.

The hardness, resistance and easy-to-maintain nature of Dekton® makes it into the perfect product for use as pavement.

Dekton® by Cosentino

A safe, elegant pool

Dekton® makes Villa Omnia’s 20-metre-long pool stand out. Its design, based on straight lines, is restrained and elegant. In it, aesthetics and safety come hand in hand.

The pool is made of custom pieces of Dekton® in Sirocco, a limestone-like rough grey that provides a natural, restrained look. The entire paved area is also equipped with no-slip grip technology to prevent slips and ensure maximum safety.

Thanks to its excellent performance when wet, Dekton® is perfect for pool applications. Neither the composition nor the aesthetics of Dekton® change over time, ensuring its long-term durability and original beauty.

Dekton® by Cosentino

Custom: stairs, vertical surfaces and shower trays

Special and custom-made indoor and outdoor architectural items are made possible by the versatility of Dekton®. Villa Omnia is an impeccable example of the same.

The stairs of the villa, located both inside and outside the house, are made out of 2-cm-thick pieces of Dekton® custom-cut to size. The chosen colour is the one that dominates most of the floor of the project: the grey and urban Strato.

Strato is also the colour chosen for the shower trays installed in each of the house’s five bathrooms. The unique and exclusive design of the Kador model is tailored to the space,

incorporating smooth, sandy bands that provide the greatest possible anti-slip protection.

The vertical cladding found in the bathrooms are truly spectacular in terms of architectural beauty. The unique colour of Dekton® called Aura 15, thanks to its never-ending symmetrical pattern of veins, is largely responsible for this result. Vertical and horizontal continuity come together with ideal mechanical properties to fearlessly resist the characteristics of a bathroom environment. The pieces, produced in a large format and 8 mm thick, provide striking, attractive uniformity.

Silestone® by Cosentino

Kitchen and bathroom surfaces

Every one of the bathrooms in the villa is equipped with a counter made of the quartz surface Silestone®, with one or two built-in Elegance sinks from the Bath Collection by Cosentino. The assembly creates a unique architectural piece with an a superb aesthetic result. The bold, eternal personality of the colour Blanco Zeus is simply perfect for each of the rooms.

The house’s majestic open-plan kitchen features a large Silestone® island that dominates the space due to its size and brightness. Silestone® Iconic White, the purest white currently in the world of quartz surfaces, blends with the other light colours of its surroundings and contrasts with the large solid wood table.

In both bathroom and kitchen, the Silestone® surface offers beauty, visual continuity, light, quality, maximum hygiene, durability, safety and ease of cleaning. There is no doubt that it is a splendid choice for both indoor spaces.

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