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Villa on the River in Russia

Villa on the River in Russia

Shamsudin Kerimov Architects
Moscow, Russia | View Map
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Shamsudin Kerimov

Villa on the River in Russia

Shamsudin Kerimov Architects as Architects

Villa 500m2 for a family of 5 people.  The layout of the house is built around the "courtyard". The central "square" is a large living room with a fireplace in the center; it is a rethinking of Russian traditional architecture where the stove is the center of the Russian hut. All living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, garage, taken out of the boundaries of the "square-living room", and form the image of buildings from different mini-houses. Each monolithic volume is a mini-house where there is a bedroom, an office, its own bathroom.Large panoramic windows in good weather is moved apart and the living room turns into a covered courtyard. All that was interior becomes a terrace. This technique is very subtle and works emotionally. On the second floor there is a large library-office. This was dictated by the desire to distinguish between work and home life.

Particular attention should be paid to the constructive part of the house. Large removals of the cantilevered roof allow not only to create a strong architectural image of a parachuting house on the river bank, but also to balance the internal microclimate of the house, due to the large overhangs, even in rainy weather and open windows, you can enjoy the outdoors and at the same time stay in the house.In general, the architecture of the house is very calm, but at the same time it bears a certain symbol of the fact that people are not fenced off from it by walls alone with nature. This house clearly shows that the exterior and interior flows into one another, but at the same time it does not disguise itself as different imitations, and is an “honest” example of architecture.

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