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Vinero Winery

Vinero Winery

Tekeli-Sisa Architects
Eceabat, Turkey | View Map
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Cemal Emden

Vinero Winery

Tekeli-Sisa Architects as Architects

Vinero is planned and designed as a multifunctional service area consisting of wine production and accommodation facilities, in a zone between huge vineyards where limited construction is permitted at Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park. Tekeli-Sisa Architecture undertakes the architectural design while CM Architecture and DS Architecture apply the interior design and landscape design, respectively.

The facility consists of two sections as production and guesthouse, covering an area of 16.000 m2 in total. The production block is designed as of two basement floors and one ground floor. The multi story organization and the advantageous natural topography resulted in the level difference in the building. This situation provides an advantage to use natural gravitational flow instead of an artificial pump during the production process. For that matter, beginning from the arrival of the collected grapes to the packaging, natural gravity is utilized in vertical circulation as a production method.

The guest access into the production block is provided by the covered inner street, which connects the 25-roomed guesthouse unit with the production block. The production process is presented to the guests through the circulation route starting from the main entrance hall. The aim is to keep experiencing the route as a memorable and impressive act during the planning of production areas. The most important stop through the route is at the fermentation tanks section and central wine cellar. The interior layout of this place is designed in a circular form to be easily comprehended.

There is a wide reflecting pool on the west of the production block. The wine taste balcony on the curved façade looking to this pool is designed as an architectural instrument linking the interior space with the exterior. The balcony placed at the end of the steel circulation routes on the fermentation tanks, both provides vineyard vista for the guests and emphasizes the last step of the production process. The stepped sitting area at the center is designed for guests for learning-sharing and tasting activities.

At the beginning of the design process, the client demanded that the guesthouse for family and special guests to be designed with reference to the traditional vineyard castles in Southern France. In the project, the aim for this part is to create a contemporary interpretation of the castles instead of designing a one-to-one similar image.

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