Vision Atelier

Vision Atelier

Takehiko Nez Architects
Yamanashi, Japan
Project Year
Tomohiro Saruyama

Vision Atelier

Takehiko Nez Architects as Architects

Following the conversion from a jewelry shop in 2003 and the extension in 2010, were novate the same space with the coherent design theme, while responding occasional requests in this continuous design act. Latest renovation faces to the former extension across the slant garden to create the relations with existing environment through the terrace and the top light.The environment and dotted plant is multiplying with reflections and spreads by mirrors, textured glasses or the V-shaped polycarbonates.

A matrix of disorientating translucent and mirrored partitions frame the individual booths of this hairdressing salon.These separate the space into areas for hair washing, cutting and waiting, affording clients a degree of privacy.

In a time when the extended usage of the existing building stock has become an important aspect of the design practice, a thorough observation, insight and imagination, in respect to the existing conditions and possibilities, is needed when designing an extension or renovation, even more so than is required for the design of a new building. Above all, rather than just simply designing objects, it has become desirable to integrate into the design, newly created relations in response to the existing site conditions.

The design is intended to mimic the feeling of being outdoors, giving customers a more relaxed ambience that harks back to times when haircutting was done on the porches of private houses, or by roadside hairdressers.

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Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu Spa
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