Vivienda Unifamiliar Torrelodones

Vivienda Unifamiliar Torrelodones

Nacho Gias
Madrid, Spain
Project Year

Private Houses

House in Madrid

Nacho Gias as Architects

The project involves the rural house integral rehabilitation in Madrid, in the residential area of ​​Torrelodones.

The meticulous study of the architecture and construction of the house conform the first step of the project, to analyze its state of conservation, construction systems and geometry.

It is a rustic architecture, typical of the Madrid rural area, where many different constructive systems coexist, from load-bearing walls, ceramic joists, steel pillars or concrete beams ... each single systems used respond to the supplies available at each moment of the house construction.

It has a traditional façade, with great textures from a hard concrete Surface to protect from humidity, and a gable roof. It seeks to make a functional and attractive architectural project, respecting the singularities of the original project and improving it by modifying its ground floor plan to achieve a more functional scheme that improves the natural lighting of the interior, maintaining the existing large windows but improving the organization of common areas, such as living room, kitchen, dining room and hallways.

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