Water and fire; a new firehouse for Bergen op Zoom

Water and fire; a new firehouse for Bergen op Zoom

Schaap en Sturm architecten
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Water and fire; a new firehouse for Bergen op Zoom

Schaap en Sturm architecten as Architects

The new firehouse of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands is designed by the office of Schaap en Sturm Architecten in Roosendaal. The firehouse is situated where the waves have hit the city wall in formertimes.In the architecture of the building this consciousness of the history of theplace is particularly visible in the shape of the roof, which is designed aswaves rolling in, in an abstract form.

Next to the history, these abstract waves express the dynamism of the firebrigade. The facade and the roof of the depot (remise) can be interpreted asone entity ,as the wave started at Havenplein and literally hanging over thealigning of the Van Konijnenburgweg on the other side.The firehouse with its iconic architecture is the first building of the new district"Scheldevesting" in Bergen op Zoom.The building is therefore a marking point for this new district and therewith alandmark for Bergen op Zoom.

The building is just as iconic as practical. Its ingenious floorplan is developedunder the slogan: 'turning wheels within a minute!'.The floorplan exists of two parts with different functions; the depot (used forthe cars of the firebrigade) and a facility building (with offices, dorms, fitness,common living etc.). The facility building is built over an (outdoor)exercisearea partly.Under the 'roof of waves' the firehouse has an open glass facade, it creates apleasant working environment for the firemen. Next to this, the glass facadeworks as a display window for the fire trucks and it makes clear what happensinside the building for everyone who is passing by.

In the entrance hall a historical fire truck is placed, to welcome visitors of thefirebrigade. The stairs, which started at the entrance hall and led to the upperfloors, are diagonal aligned, whereby the historical car still is visible of everyfloor.

Since November 2013 the Firehouse is operating satisfactory.

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