Water lounge

Water lounge

Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
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Water lounge by Barasona

Barasona Diseño y Comunicacion as Carmen Barasona

It is a luxury bath where it is used sophisticated and simple materials to obtain an equilibrate and timeless project. Showers zone: Created in Edfan microcement dressing the walls of the space set. There is created double showers which shower taps are of the collection Termoiliada by Ramon Soler's SW, a collection that incorporates in every shower tap elegant pieces of CRISTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements. They are Ramon Soler's great showers which sprayer has form of star (I attach photo of detail) In the zone of wash basin, it is proposed two grey porcelain wash basins on some disable of work, re-dressed also in microcement. The shower taps are embedded to wall of the collection Iliada by Ramon Soler's SW by CRISTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements. With Iliada SW and Termoiliada SW it adds to the polished design and high technology of Ramon Soler, the added value CRISTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements that ennobles it with his beauty. Beauty of crystal that creates a game of reflections and transparencies

The combination of steel and crystal characterizes to these spectacular plumbing fixtures, elegantly and timelessly, adaptable both in sober and minimalist environments and in more classic and glamorous environments.

The mirrors are ancient. Tread towels.

The central carpet is a circumference and the ground is an oak dais. The chaise longue draped in velvet damasked of red and white color, is elegant and contributes the dispute of the red one to this elegant environment

In bath zone we choose a smelting bath with a few exempt columns and Ramon Soler's plumbing fixtures. It is a zone that invites the relaxation and the glamour in an absolutely elegant and polished environment.

To combine the classic thing and ultramodern thing is the ideal one to obtain elegant environments.

It is use a roller in the windows and curtains with many fall of dark gray velvet lined with dark gray thread. The electrical mechanisms are of the 1950 of Fontini collection (I attach photo of detail) and all the lamps and spotlight are of Lumen's.

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