Weekend Getaway Home

Weekend Getaway Home

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Ishita Sitwala (The Fishy Project, @ishifishy)

Weekend Getaway Home

SAK Designs as Architects

This particular project for us has been not just architecture but an approach in designing experiences or merging nature or nature living. When we want to run away from the city we want to run away from the feel of it mostly and here we tried to work on the same path. By using some basic materials like stone , Bamboo one does not feel one is in concrete jungle. Also the plastered walls are kept to unevenness and some interesting pattern to make the experience complete. The house is though having all basic requirements of a comfortable living but all are kept to minimum or simple level. The greens the views and surprising open plans feature makes this a unique weekend getaway from Pune.

Situated in a farm land itself its a actually a farm house. The owner has its farm surrounded to this house nd their parents enjoy the simple luxury of this place.

The furniture in bedrooms are absolutely minimal. The bed itself isa platform in brick plaster base with a mattress on top. The living dining does have good sofas and tables and chairs, but having them in such simple environment makes it a surprise element. The deck over looking the farm and pool and a man made lake with greens till horizon has an impact unmatched. So to get that kind of experience one has to keep architecture to its basics of creating spaces and being functional yet creative in use.


What was the brief?
The brief was just design what you feel is right for the area. And we decided that the space has lots of good visual surrounding with nature all around let us create a space where one can enjoy and live fullest in the lap of nature.


What materials did you choose and why?
Stones , Bamboos, for construction to keep it sustainable, and very basic to give a feel of informal remote area vibes.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Rough plaster with stone and bamboo
2. Flooring: Micro concrete floor
3. Doors: Veneered flush doors
4. Windows: Aluminium with normal glass
5. Roofing: RCC 
6. Interior furniture: Readymade acquired from various location

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