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Abraham muñoz isabel as Architects

The project proposes a new fasade based on the idea of building an estructural system similar to the elements made of wicker.

The main idea: is based in the reproduction of the structural systems and fabrics made out of two elements: WEFT and WARP.

This group of lineal elements or strings are knitten creating a unitary system • Lightness: an structural system made by "strings" allows the fasade to breathe. Air circulates through the elements, strings knit leaving open spaces • surface: this system of union or "knitten" of the lineal elements underlines the role of the third dimension. A game of "lights and shadows" and "hidden parts" is revealed. It is not just a plain fasade, the surface appears.

Construction system: translating the idea in our fasade.

As we have seen, the system is based on two knitten lineal elements. On the one side, the WEFT , a system of strings that constitute the base where the WARP, is inserted. In our case the WEFT would be a system of vertical post separated one meter from each other and 0,5m from the original fasade. To this last one a series of horizontal bars are attached, going through the vertical post with a separation of 2m from each othe. This would give us a mesh network of vertical post and horizontal bars that constitute the first system, named WEFT and which will suppor the pannels.

The second system is the WARP, which is inserted or knitted to the first one, the WEFT. In our case it would be made of printed aluminium panels.

Panels have a small curve, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the ALU DESIGN technology, so that the WARP can be "sewing" to the WEFT.

Simplifying the process, only two kinds of pannels -0,5x2m and 0,3x2m- have been curved. Altering the curvature of concave and convex interleaving achieves the desired or "sewing" effect. For a richer visual effect three types of wiker panels, in different shades, will be printed. By aleatory mixing the panels we get a tapestry that reminds us of that natural material, wicker. The possibilities for the creation of fasades are varied, it only depends on the shape we give to the auxiliar structure or WEFT. It is therefore a new, porose SKIN, that can breathe, with texture and surface.

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