Köther Salman Koedijk
Purmerend, Netherlands
Project Year


Roos Aldershoff


Köther Salman Koedijk as Architects

Weidevenne is a large suburb to the west of Permerend. The district consists of various sub areas one of which is the Kanaalzone. This is a unique area within the plan because it gives an impression of the buildings both from the canal and Permerend. The route along the zone is widely used by walkers which made it desirable to bring some interesting variation into the design. It was also important that the area behind the Kanaalzone in relation to the water kept an open character visually and spatially. Within the urban plan the above mentioned requirements were further elaborated to give a series of 3 types of building; respectively a high rise block (the warehouse), a middle sized block (the factory) and low-rise building (the houses). These types of buildings are typical of the north Holland’s landscape and gives the Zaan its characteristic urban appearance. Zaanstad, especially, derived its identity from the small romantic houses in between big, tough factory complexes along the banks of the river. Using this as a reference the plan is developed with different size buildings, this assures an open water front. This mixture of building sizes gives an interesting contrast and individuality to each style. Each type of building has its own character. The high rise apartment block (the warehouse) is a brick box resting on slanting columns with a flat roof and has a tough, sturdy image. At ground level underneath the block is the entrance and storage units for the residents, this area has been made transparent and thus maintaining the view towards the water. The middle sized blocks (the factory) consisting of maisonettes and family houses have been designed as clear concrete structures with opening folding windows and expressive shed roofs, also a sturdy building though more expressive and with a subtle use of materials.

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