Welfarehouse in Omuta
Katsumasa Tanaka

Welfarehouse in Omuta

Peak Studio as Architects

The project site is located in a quiet area with lush greenery, a short distance from the city center, and it is planned to build a "place of residence" for 36 residents and a "place of activity" for the residents. Since this building is not only a place for the residents to live, but also a place where people from the outside can use the facility, we thought it would be important to separate and connect the "living space" and "activity space".


The corridor leading from the entrance to the north divides the "living space" and the "activity space," and the space between them is divided into There are several courtyards. These courtyards bring light, wind, and birdsong into the interior, and at the same time, they provide a sense of looseness to the residents' presence. The corridor has a dot-printed glass surface to accentuate the bright and open space.


The glass surface of the corridor is decorated with dot prints, which accentuate the space and The interior space of the building is impressive. The Place of Dwelling is composed of four color-coded units, each with its own courtyard. It has a living room. The colors and signage assigned to each unit are brightly colored to take care of people with low vision, but overall has been designed with color in mind, with white and natural wood tones.


I felt that a bright and spontaneous architecture is suitable for this site, which is covered with greenery behind it. In keeping with this image, I designed the exterior walls to avoid making the architecture hard and inorganic. A natural and calm atmosphere was created by using cypress boards and planters filled with stones in stainless steel baskets for the exterior. It was to be a building.


Material Used:

1. Forbo– Floor sheet – Marmoleum fresco

2. TOLI – Floorcarpet – GA400

3. SANGETSU – Floorsheet – strong

4. YKK ap – Front sash - systema

5. JFE – Front facadelouver – J craftKiwamimax

6. JFE – Roof – J craftKiwamimax

7. UNION- door handle - UNION T5027-26-038

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Product Spec Sheet

Floor sheet – Marmoleum frescoForbo Flooring Systems
Front sash - systemaYKK AP America Inc.
Floorsheet – strong Sangetsu Corporation
Floorcarpet – GA400TOLI
Product Spec Sheet
Floor sheet – Marmoleum fresco
Front sash - systema
Floorsheet – strong
Floorcarpet – GA400
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