West Campus Union building, Duke University

West Campus Union building, Duke University

Grimshaw Architects
Durham, North Carolina, USA | View Map
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Handmade dimensional tile for a large scale project

ModCraft as Tile manufacturers

ModCraft dimensional wall tile in custom glaze "Duke Blue" enriches the walls of this Chef's Kitchen in Duke University's West Campus building, designed by Grimshaw architects. 

In 2016 Grimshaw office in New York accepted the challenge of reinventing the historic West Campus Union building at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Duke wanted to create a space that was like a hub for students to pass through easily, creating a buzz of activity and interaction. 

 Visitors flow around and through the core of the building  which is  ringed by a bazaar of food stalls called “The Market.” Food is put front and center by displaying preparation, using locally sourced ingredients, and engaging local chefs at 13 diverse venues—with offerings from Tandoor dishes to paella to soul food. It draws students and encourages them to stay.

Architect David Burke of Grimshaw identified ModCraft dimensional wall tile "Hexon"  as a perfect complement to the modern feel of the  Chef's Kitchen in the Market.  The Chef’s Kitchen is a state-of-the-art culinary classroom and event space with flexible kitchen workstations for an ever-changing experience. Modcraft dimensional wall tile Hexon provided a keen modern edge for the uber sleek open kitchen design.

ModCraft, located in Beacon New York, handmade 650 square feet of Hexon for the Chef kitchen. Likewise, a custom glaze color matching Duke University's trademark "Duke Blue" was developed for the project.  

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