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Michael Del Piero GOOD DESIGN as Interior Architects

Overview This family is a modern day Brady Bunch. The wife, Mary, was married and had three children before her divorce. The husband, Jud, has 4 children who speak several languages and all play numerous musical instruments. His late wife was a writer. His home is filled with interesting art and artifacts.

His children are quite accomplished. Jud’s eldest daughter, Elyse Bergman, was named best fashion designer in Chicago several years ago. His eldest son was a member of the band Iron and Wine for years and is now, along with little sister Natalie Bergman, members of their own group called Wild Belle. They have several hits on the charts here and in the UK. They are a very popular indie group and write all their own music and lyrics. He plays baritone sax and she sings and plays piano.

Design Notes Sophisticated Jud, told Michael in her first meeting when asked if he liked color, “Yes but only the specific shade of the underside of the wing of a Blue Herron”. Jud marries Mary, and they hire Michael to create a home, which combines their tastes as well as creates a comfortable and somehow familiar space for their combined family that includes two parents and 7 children. Two children were already out if the house but frequently home for holidays and visits etc.

Color Michael used some of the pieces from both couple’s previous homes as well as introduced lots of custom furnishings, antique rugs and accessories. Mary likes a neutral palette while Jud liked a bit more color.

Style Mary preferred a more traditional style while Jud prefers an eclectic mix, which includes mixing high-end items with provenance with items of less importance. Michael reused lighting, already in the home from the previous owner, but re-imagined it by moving the pieces to different spaces in the home.

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