With a view to the sea

With a view to the sea

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With a view to the sea

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Once you step in, you are greeted by a sense of calm. The urban view over Tel Aviv from the apartment of the couple, both in their forties, the panoramic landscape of the Mediterranean beach, and the perfectly symmetrical design distinguishing the style of architect Nirit Brenner all contribute to the serene atmosphere. Here is a look at a home that accurately reflects the character and wishes of its dwellers.


Who wouldn’t dream of waking up in a spacious, sunny apartment, starting the day with a cup of coffee on a beautifully designed terrace overlooking the sea… For the owners of the apartment designed by architect Nirit Brenner, the fantasy has come true.


Achieving that marvelous effect has taken quite some work, requiring the redesign of the family space, modifying the original blueprints. Brenner chose to move the kitchen to the space initially allocated to the bedroom and in its original place, she drew up a plan for a luxurious sleeping suite.


“All along the process, we sought to design a warm and cozy family home, integrating eclectic motifs and various tribal artifacts collected by the couple over the years while touring the world,” architect Brenner explains. “A monochromatic palette of white, cream, and sunbaked hues interspersed with natural wood items adding an impressive textural effect was used as a background to enhance the collection of art objects and lend the apartment an airy and bright look.”


The kitchen opens to the family space and, at the same time, is partly screened thanks to its angular position. In the space created, Brenner designed modern elements that harmoniously blend in with the natural walnut kitchen cupboard doors. A built-in fridge, hidden storage spaces and a home network cabinet are integrated into the kitchen décor, encased behind a high walnut front. “The centrally located wide kitchen island is highly useful, serving the couple throughout their daily routine,” Brenner notes.


The large open space catches the eye as you enter the apartment. The monochromatic living room, flooded by natural light, is warm and welcoming. The ethnic pieces of furniture perfectly fit in, imparting the space with a unique character and appeal. The entrance to the apartment, about seven meters long, was clad with wood of the wall hue, with a grooved geometric pattern of rectangles that breaks the monotonous mass and introduces a pleasing variety. The wood cladding is not only ornamental but also functional, as it offers a solution to the problematic junction of the door plane and the wall, creating an elegant uniform facade.


The niche in the living room was symmetrically designed. Brenner divided the decorative front into vertical and horizontal illuminated niches, crafting an attractive display for the stately African sculptures and other works of art. A modern horizontal fireplace flanked by black glass panels that create a continuous look is the center of attention in the space.


The symmetrical line is replicated in the dining area, where Brenner designed two free-standing plaster columns with built-in lighting that frame the dining table on both sides. As the suns sets, the space is washed in warm, soft, welcoming light. Further on along the central wall, an electrical cabinet is installed in a niche fitted with a mirror-like door, precisely positioned right across the large showcase window so as to reflect and enhance the magnificent view outside.


The highlight of the apartment and the rationale for its redesign, switching the location of the kitchen and bedroom, is the large terrace overlooking the stunning view. “I chose to divide it into two separate sitting areas,” Brenner says. “The living room opens into the entertainment area of the terrace, used for visiting family members and friends, while the other more intimate area is directly accessed from the newly designed sleeping suite.


Three decorative laser-cut elements featuring a repetitive timber pattern, created in cooperation with furniture designer Ifrach Ben Zvi, serve as a partition between the two areas. In the evening, the soft illumination emitted by the ornate partition adds a romantic, alluring air, charmingly blending into the dazzling view.”


A wide, elegant pocket door separates the open family space from the sleeping suite. A lightly colored wall closet built along the hallway leading to the sleeping suite, an adjoining lavish bathroom and an array of large windows adorning the bedroom impart a sense of infinite space. A sumptuous bed was positioned vertically to the large windows. Its headboard is an authentic artwork: a framed print on canvas constituting an exquisitely striking element. To bring the view in, Brenner chose to cover the wall closet in the bedroom with a black mirror-like front.


The view reflected through the windows is all the more dramatic at night, when the lights of the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv glow inside the space like flickering fireflies, gently and romantically illuminating it. An artistically crafted bench is topped with colorful cushions that lend the room cheerful liveliness. The stylish lighting fixtures carefully chosen by the couple for the sleeping suite during one of their trips abroad complement the unique look.

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