Vilnius, Lithuania - Build completed in 2017


In-es.artdesign as Manufacturers

WIX.COM third office in Vilnius was inspired by Vilnius Old town heritage, where arches, structural elements of the period, formed a special townscape with a distinct ambience. The premises contain remains of an ancient arched wall that has been fixed and left on display as a background for new interior lines.

The structure of the new office space was conceived by introducing a number of arch-type volumes and various partitions thus forming spaces for different office activities. Altogether the structure formed a melodic ensemble of human scale spaces easy for people to be in.

The work space, which could be called semi-open, provide both privacy and community feeling for the employees. Different from the white and round architecture of the work space, the inner meeting spaces are clad in wooden panels mixed with soft acoustic boards and are arranged in a rectangular pattern.

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Townhouse Kralingen

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