Wooden Bamboo Chair

Wooden Bamboo Chair

MZGF Studio
Hangzhou, China
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Wooden Bamboo Chair

MZGF Studio as Designer & Producer

Wooden Bamboo Chair designed by Jingxiang Zhang from MZGF Studio .

This is a redesign of Chinese traditional bamboo chair which is very special as it witnesses the evolution of Chinese urbanization process.

In old days, when people live in the countryside, bamboo is a widely used material for making furniture . Thanks to the property of bamboo , the local craft man has created this bamboo chair with smart structure and classical shape . Meanwhile due to the limitation of bamboo , the chair can not be mass produced by machine and it is not durable . For these reasons , when more and more people moved to apartments in cities, bamboo chairs were left in the countryside and started to disappear from our life .

The designer from MZGF Furniture has designed this wooden bamboo chair .The similar shape and proportion easily bring back the memory of countryside life . But the tenon joints inside make it looks more simple and delicate . And the chamfer details of edges make the chair more cute than the traditional bamboo chair . For people who have a memory of countryside life, this redesign translates the traditional culture into today’s modern family.

Name :Wooden Bamboo Chair Brand: MZGF Designer :Jingxiang Zhang Launched in 2014 Item code:M21 Material:Beech & Maple

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