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Work Life Soho

tWO as Designers

Two collaborated with Work.Life to create a space that encapsulates the true spirit and soul of buzzy Soho. It’s energetic, dramatic, eclectic, vibrant and inclusive. Created and designed to enhance and encourage a community atmosphere to suit every work requirement, it oozes the personality and glamour of its neighbourhood. 


Nestled in enviable Soho, on an idyllic street in one of the hottest postcodes in London, a show-stopping design for what would become Work.Life’s flagship space was a must. It had to be bigger and better than any design we had done before. 


Tasked with the challenge to create a space that would draw attention and stop passersby in their tracks to take a photo, the space needed to be more than just inviting, it needed to be extraordinary. No matter which way you approach the entrance, the double frontage, with floor to ceiling glass and golden copper bar captures your attention.


A magnificent five-meter-long hammered copper bar and cinema board lightbox would become the heart of the space to captivate the attention of passersby, oozing a warm welcome and a friendly hello.


Understanding that everyone’s working style is unique, we were meticulous about creating a variety of work zones that would meet the needs of the members but maintain the energetic, fun vibe so synonymous with Soho. From the rail carriages and banquet booths, to the large wood timber topped communal tables for sharing ideas, all the way through to focus rooms and phone booths. Creating a comfortable surrounding with all the connectivity you need to hunker down and get work done.


Eclectic, art deco patterned wallpaper adorns the walls of the space and meeting rooms, each named as a subtle nod to the enriched soul and history of the local area.


Creating a united community spirit is what mattered most, and this space has it in abundance. The rich colours and feature lights all intermingle, creating warmth and vibrancy whether you want to collaborate or go at it solo.


The materials palette of concrete, birch, soft fabrics and ply work harmoniously with the patterned wall papers and paneling revealing the playful side, whilst reflecting the colourful neighbourhood.

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