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World of chlorophyll | IAMZ Design studio

World of chlorophyll | IAMZ Design studio

IAMZ design Studio
New York, United States



About World of chlorophyll

IAMZ design Studio as Architects

Project: World of chlorophyll Location: New York

Designer : IAMZ Design studio website : www.iamz.org Architect : Ahmed Elseyofi website : www.seyofi.info

Classification Project: conceptual - Not Applicable Plot Size: 3000 square meters

The function of the project: Commercial - Residential - administrative - Hotel - Entertainment

About Project: Is an idea for a conceptual skyscraper containing the form of residential units in the near future

The main idea: Is that the units take the form of leaves, stems mainly from the column , Based upon all residential units This makes the building mimics nature, and in conformity with it also makes it easy configuration

Environmental use in the project: Natural ventilation .. Penetration of sunlight through the units .. And the creation of indirect lighting .. The use of transplanted bishop

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