WWII Killed-In-Action Monument

WWII Killed-In-Action Monument

Jeffery Poss
springfield, United States | View Map
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WWII Killed-In-Action Monument

Jeffery Poss as Architects

The proposed monument is located adjacent to the World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial, designed by Poss and dedicated in 2004. Whereas the constructed memorial was dedicated to all of the Illinois Veterans who served in the Second World War, this proposal recognizes the enormous sacrifice of the 23,000 Illinois Veterans who gave their lives in the line of duty.

The monument is a star in plan, symbolic of the gold stars that are given to families that lose someone in war. The 23,000 names are engraved into alternating light and dark bands of metal to create a field of horizontal stripes. It is conceived as a literal, conceptual, and physical synthesis of meaning and form.

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