XXS pavilion in Almádi Yacht Club

XXS pavilion in Almádi Yacht Club

Balatonalmádi, Hungary
Project Year
Sports Centres
Tamara Poós, László Vitáris



Project Description:

In recent years the valoriaztion of small scale projects became a clearly visible tnedency in architecture (and other fields). The effect of this phenomenon is remarkably present in the portfolio of hungarian architectural office, NARTARCHITECTS (Csaba Kovács, Tamara Poós, Áron Vass-Eysen), based in Budapest. One can easily observe, that these projects are less restricted by the vast structural, technological and legal criteria of our contemporary big scale buildings, thus they can stay closer to the simple and essential fundamentals of architecture. It seems to be more easy achieve clearness, abstarction thus showing a beautiful convergence of concept and object. This is why our office decided to handle these project as an individual series

The new object of NART’s „XXS” structures is a group of interconnected pavilions in the Almádi Yacht Club, Balatonalmádi, Lake Balaton. The simple rectangular frame of the pavilions is made of steel, and the enclosed spaces are separated by a set of wooden walls, made of chunky timber, or vast expanses of flexible glass panes. The setting of these elements reacts to the layout of the site, the row of old trees and the panoramic view to the lake and the port.

Design Team: Csaba Kovács, Tamara Poós, Áron Vass-Eysen

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Mathematics: The Winton Gallery Science Museum
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Mathematics: The Winton Gallery Science Museum

London, United Kingdom - Build completed in 2016
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