Yellow leg apartment building

Yellow leg apartment building

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Trimitų g. 8, Vilnius, Lithuania | View Map
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Arunas Skrolis

Yellow leg apartment building

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The „Yellow leg“ apartment building is located in Šnipiškės neighborhood, on the side of Vilnius city center. The building is on a 1697m2 lot, with its footprint occupying 707m2. The area is a perfect combination of living in an affordable area that has less crowded surroundings than city center, and being able to enjoy all the things that city center has to offer within reach.

The residents of „Yellow leg“ apartment building are mostly people who want to have easy access to leisure facilities, culture, public transport, and their jobs. Not only all the city center attractions are nearby, but the building is also surrounded by many shops and restaurants. The building includes 52 apartments of various size and layout. 50 apartments are placed on the first five floors, while two large units with spacious roof terraces are designed on the upper floor.


The idea behind the shape of the building came to life while looking for an architectural concept of simple and rational structure that includes functionality, easy construction and efficient exploitation. The final concept was determined by the location and the context of the site: residential apartment buildings are composed mostly rectangular with flat roofs.


Half of the first level of the building is an open parking lot, hence the upper part of the building is supported by columns. The first column with a niche creates a conspicuous and inviting view because of its form and bright yellow color. An organization of unit types with cantilevered balconies and harmonious windows arrangement creates a distinctive facade pattern.


Selected colors and materials are modern and durable. Yellow color subtly stands out from the white facade and creates a fresh and innovative look.

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