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The town hall of Granville wants to build a new youth center to fulfil the actual needs of the inhabitants. The chosen site is situated near the town’s sport centre and high school in order to concentrate all the public equipments for the young inhabitants, in the same place.


The youth center is open to people between 10 and 24 years old. It offers a various panel of activities after school and during the holidays. It is also a meeting spot, open to a wide range of associations which can organise their activities in this place. The city want this new youth center to offer generous multi-use spaces. The hall and reception are the first welcoming spaces for the youth. These spaces must allow different activities to go on at the same time (video games, tennis tables, lounge space, etc.). Two rooms are designed for more specific purposes: arts & craft and cooking.


The surroundings of the new building is mainly about physical activities, with both buildings (as the swimming pool and the sports hall) and open spaces (skate park, football and rugby fields). The youth center will be a new building in this heterogeneous space.


We propose to create a youth center with multiple readings, a place that offers the conditions to do different things and be different. Therefore, we choose to work on:

1.- Organization: the building recalls the topography and urban space existing in order to create a fluid and generous circulation, the space of encounter 

2.- Structure & Volume: the roof creates different inside and outside spaces in relation to the topography.


The location and organisation of the building come from our reading of the surroundings, which focus on traffic, space perception and topography.

The entrance of the youth center is facing the sports hall, creating a connection between the buildings through the skate park.

The hall and the reception benefit from a South-West orientation, bringing light and warmth inside. They are widely open toward the skate-park and sports fields and have an open view on the landscape.

The organisation is based on the topography. The circulation axis is following the topography lines. It relies two parts of the program: public spaces on the western side and administration on the eastern. Longing the West facade, the terrace works as an outside circulation axis between the skate-park and the grass field.

The building is organised as a succession of stripes which follow the topography and switch between circulation axis and other rooms.


The structural frame of the building emphasize this work on topography. It is a simple wooden frame (5mx5m). The height varies in order to create bigger volumes or to get closer to the natural ground level. The goal is to create a progression between the ground level and various ceiling heights in the building. This also creates shed-like windows to bring light to the heart of the building.

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