Zaans Medical Centre

Zaans Medical Centre

Zaandam, Netherlands
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Zaans Medical Center (ZMC)

Mecanoo as Architects

Zaans Medical Center (ZMC) is a welcoming and innovative hospital with a focus on people. Patient or visitor, young or old, nurse or doctor, the building has been designed with the user’s needs in mind. ZMC provides a pleasant environment in which patients can recover comfortably, staff can work as effectively as possible, and visitors can navigate amenities with ease.

Both a good orientation to the city and patient experience played a crucial role in the design. To this end, the new Zaans Medical Centre is an accommodating building with a human scale. Its lower three floors connect to the urban environment with a warm brickwork. In addition, there are two patient levels with welcoming green balconies. The adjacent care boulevard strengthens ZMC’s functional amenities and vice versa.

Programme 40,000 m2 hospital with acute centre (8 operating rooms), intensive care unit, cardiac care unit, outpatient clinics, theme centres according to the shop-in-shop principle (such as pain centre, exercise centre, Esperanz, cardiovascular centre), diagnostic centre, day care centre, clinics (137 beds) with separate mother-child centre, laboratory, pharmacy, public functions, offices and meeting centre for the ZMC Academy and a parking garage with 700 pp.

Client Zaans Medisch Centrum and Vitaal ZorgVast

Design 2012 -2014

Realization 2014 -2016

Project Credits
273 Dohnenstieg
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273 Dohnenstieg

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