ZCB Zero Carbon Building

ZCB Zero Carbon Building

Ronald Lu & Partners
Hong Kong
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ZCB Zero Carbon Building

Ronald Lu & Partners as Architects

ZCB, the first zero carbon building in Hong Kong, is specifically designed for the sub-tropical urban context to showcase state-of-the-art eco-building design and technologies and to raise community awareness of sustainable living. Being “energy-plus”, ZCB generates on-site renewable energy to offset its operational energy consumption on an annual basis and exports surplus energy to the grid to offset its embodied energy. Priority is placed on energy demand control by effective passive building design and energy-efficient active systems to enable cost-effective implementation of renewable energy technologies.

The design mitigates local heat island effect and harnesses available solar energy and urban wind energy for the building. The urban native woodland and high greenery coverage (about 50%) enhances biodiversity, cools down prevailing summer breeze, provide shade and amenity. To buffer against environmental nuisances from surrounding traffic and to minimize carbon footprint during construction, the site is formed in a balanced cut and fill manner, to create higher planting zones along its perimeters and a lower multi-purpose open space at its centre.

Integrated design of ZCB enables synergy among various building elements and systems for high environmental quality. The tapered building section harmonizes with sightlines of neighboring developments, provides effective angles for photovoltaic panels to capture solar energy, as well as enhances stronger airflow and daylight penetration across the building. Flexible spatial planning, large structural span, and operable partitioning systems allow re-configuration of the exhibition and multi-purpose spaces at ease. Its high performance facades with smart control for windows adapt the sealed air-conditioned environment to cross ventilated space and vice versa for hybrid ventilation.

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