ALPI Cloudy 18.43
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ALPI Cloudy 18.43
Revestimento de parede
Revestimento de parede decorativo

The ALPI Cloudy wood embodies an impressionistic vision of nature, focusing on instants of life through the artistic approach of ukiyo-e, filtered by the fluid, minimalist language typical of the conceptual work of GamFratesi.
Fascinated by the beauty of clouds, their elusive forms, their always changing nuances, GamFratesi have created the design for the new Cloudy wood, revealing the patterns of these elements transformed into graphic signs on a black background. The image of an idealized reality that captivates with its visual poetry, the light, delicate pattern of Cloudy is formed by the contrast between the black field and the intervals of ivory stripes, suggesting the evocative visions of Japanese works belonging to a floating, faraway world.

INNOVATION: This project transformed, for the first time, a natural element such as the clouds into graphic signs on wood

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