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The CAMELEON system by is a modern lighting system. It's innovation consists in the possibility of adjusting and creating the individual compositions from the available components. The system consists of a range of lampshades, diverse types and lengths of the cables with luminaires, several kinds of canopies and the necessary fixing elements. The wide range of lampshades, variety of shapes, as well as the modernity of the materials of which they are made of, perfectly will complement the interiors of diverse styles.

The offer includes lampshades made of glass, metals in various forms, concrete, wood as well as high quality fabrics. There are also lampshades and led luminaries dedicated to the office space. The system is primarily characterized by its high functionality and flexibility, which means that, to the one canopy there can be fixed up to 8 or 12 different types of led luminaries and lampshades. It is possible due to the specially designed canopies where you can hide the terminal strip and the system of cables, as well as the system of suspensions, fixing elements and lampshades. The canopies are available in several shapes and sizes. The CAMELEON system is a solution that meets the very individual and often non-standard and innovative needs of the customers.

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